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OMG a funny thing happened on the way to building the most advanced fuel system in the world.

Is wasn’t just funny, it was ridiculous. Worse yet, I never figured out how to tell the bad news, like, your fuel system is a gas guzzling piece of garbage that is so obsolete. Of course, naturally, I am usually a really civilized guy, but sometimes I get annoyed, especially when things are really backwards, stupid, slow and inefficient. I realize however, that there is a time and place for everything. Originally, I thought to roll out technology incrementally, a little like the computer industry, you know, better and better. But no, it doesn’t work that way, performance was exponentially more.

Of course I know about flat fuel, things that don’t burn or explode or vapourize well, additives and all kinds of things too, you know, get worse mileage. All kinds of engineering to make it difficult for the backyard mechanic to have fun working on their car or truck, like the good old days. Too bad, so sad.

If I told you the truth of that reality, only few would believe it, the few that know better, old school eh, the few that have actually dared with their imagination to tinker a little. To expose the reality of thermo-combustion physics and all the awesome possibilities that exist. Aaahhh, that’s it, a little fuel for the fire, with imagination we can save the day, zero limitations, an entire new fuel system, a crisp throttle response on tap by an air fuel mixture matched to the power plant with the kind of thinking and innovation to exceed the most demanding applications encountered in the operating environment, all the time, not some of the time, or only on a bright cheerful sunny day.

The fact is, I like to burn fuel, tanker loads is a good start. With all this talk against fossil fuels, I get annoyed. Like the global warming carbon tax scam and related propaganda. Did you ever hear or read anyone talking about high mileage fuel systems? Not really eh. Or what about technology that can literally reduce “greenhouse gas emissions” easily by over 50%-75%? Didn’t think so. Media ownership, control and news censoring is...well, you probably know. If everyone was so worried abut global warming, why not turn off the cell phones, the wifi, and microwave towers and satellites, and replace the microwave smart meters, all agents of mass silent genocide, bad for the balls and the brain cells eh.

Why blame the oil industry and motor vehicles for all the problems? Why tax and regulate everything to extinction except for crime, fraud, genocide and treason? The answer is in your fuel tank and fuel system. If you really knew the reality about performance, you would be shocked...in a non electrical sort of way.

Of course anyone with imagination, individual creativity or a vision about an alternate reality is more or less censored. You don’t conform...to stupidity, or the acceptance of super imposed consensus reality, have nothing, be nothing, do nothing, invent nothing, dream and work for nothing. They the experts, propose equality all right, equality in poverty, slavery, stupidity, sickness, lack of opportunities, the destruction of individual freedom, your self esteem, curiosity, your desire for something better to feel worthwhile, to accept challenge and experience reward...all related to fuel systems, right?

The back yard and small shop mechanic, the genius - getting annoyed with a piece of garbage automobile, plastics, electronics, sensors, almost everything not made in Canada, (Did I say that right? Are you ok with that?) no room to work, life cycle limits with built in obsolescence (junk not made to last) or what ever you call it, you know...engineered to make it difficult to fix and work on in the field, anywhere you might be, more expensive technology to control you, limit you, get more money from you, some of it to spy on you...certainly not the kind of design engineering and production of something made with pride and precision that will last and last and last. Our focus, values and priorities must be different.

You see, you already know, you have heard it before, it’s just business...but it isn’t is it? Fraud, crime, treason and genocide is business. Putting Canadians out of work is just business, we have illegal unconstitutional trade deals to prove it, right? Oh that’s politics, I ain’t interested, what about fuel systems, eh? Where can I get one, how much are they? The oil, auto, aerospace and fuel systems industry is full of politics, didn’t you know? Maybe we should give it all for National Defence in trust, surely they know what to do with something that gets 200 mpg, eh? Or something that can propel an object at mach 5, hmmm, maybe. Do you even know how I got this job? Does anyone know why I am still alive?

Not one will sign up for something unlike anything else on the planet, not one will invest, or put their money down, not one will talk about the incredible fuel efficiencies that are possible, not one will talk about all the patents that were bought up, shelved to collect dust, or whose inventors were chased into extinction. Nobody will talk about the gas guzzling piece of garbage they are forced to drive with, nope, nobody. Nobody will talk about the massive reduction in pollution, or how the quality fuel can make such a difference in performance. Zero.

Luckily for me, I know that saving money is like making money. This means we can experiment more, invest, do something interesting, buy beer, ice wine and nice cheese for a picnic with the goddess, anything really...So, I learned early, I am not even trying to sell anything, which is good news, more time to experiment, more custom applications, something really exciting, and I’m excited already. I am not going to make you a believer, this is not a church. You can do what you want, I encourage you, I do that as much as I can and it looks like I will be busy for a while. Of course if you did know the truth, you probably would be shocked. Some would be humiliated, you know, that lone wolf technocrat individual that renders everyone’s hard work to rubble in the greatest of ease, like poof...naturally there are people that can’t stand someone else’s success, just as much as there are those that love the champion, someone that make’s them feel good too, and encourages them to believe in themselves and explore the world without limit, and express the best of who they are.

Naturally, some people will try to hack this site, no big deal, maybe try to steal something one way or another. A few will get in on the action...maybe, people with vision, someone that knows there really is such a thing as that alternate reality is possible with high performance fuel systems….I can tell you one thing, my friends in the airforce, navy, army, the contractor, boaters, truckers, pilots and all the everyday people I know say, I’m proud of you, I knew you could do it, you really stuck it out, it’s really mind boggling, that’s so cool, that is so awesome...

Now I know that this is a lot to consider, but just maybe somebody somewhere has something up the sleeves. After all, making promises and commitments on the global stage for climate change takes more than wishful thinking. It takes intel, you know, what is the real deal and the news behind the news. What can we do, how can we do it. Of course none of this was in the news, and mostly what we do is classified, but there are some things that the average mortal might be able to have a sneak peak at, who knows, maybe even acquire. After all, in Canada we talk about exports, Made in Canada, doing our part, make a difference, good solid quality paying jobs, right?

It is perfect sense that this is not in the media, no public stock market, no fanfare or publicity really, like blah, blah, blah, nobody cares eh? Right?! Imagine all those people playing the lotto, when the real lotto is something else entirely. No fancy computers to deduct all your numbers to amass a fortune with so little payout week after week, after all, that computer knows exactly what numbers and where it was played, right down to the second...meanwhile, more money in the fuel tank and out the tail pipe...it’s not such a bad thing, right, who cares about national economic security or jet planes that go thousands of miles per hour, like no tomorrow, or the strategic advantage that makes no excuses to anyone for anything...I don’t expect to get the Order of Canada for serving my country, I’m just doing what I want. It just happens that the possibilities for new wealth creation, co-development projects, sales, high value productivity and custom made production right here in Canada is a little exponential to say the least. It’s not gonna be sold you know where, it’s not gonna be ripped off and made you know where, it’s not going to have someone else’s trademark or brand on there, it is going to be the last word, Made in Canada, actually Product of Canada, like everything else should be, by people that care, people that make a difference, family rated, national security rated, everyday performance, right now, anytime, something different…a real fuel system for advanced combustion thermophysics.

Now, I have stuff to do and fuel to burn...you might find me in the jet-stream, maybe on a back road...